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EMTs honored with Captain's Awards

Feb 18, 2014 By Eric Blom, Staff Writer

Fremont County's Ambulance Department gave out its annual Captain's Awards at a banquet Jan. 15. Roughly 40 people attended and put on a potluck dinner at Hudson's Town Hall.

Todd Smith, who served as the department's interim director for several months, commented on the award recipients during an interview and press release.

Above and Beyond

Jesse Miller

"He did a bunch to help with trainings."

Rookie of the Year

Riverton Division:R00;Renee Miller; Lander Division:R00;Matthew Doi

"They do a really good job starting out."

Fremont County Ambulance's Got Talent

Matthew Doi

"Matt Doi will stand out there (on the corner of Main Street in Lander) in uniform with his guitar singing to everybody."

Energizer Bunny Award

Christopher Tanner

"The guy never stops moving; if he's not cleaning, he's studying."

Distinguished EMT

Christopher Tanner

"For outstanding performance and lasting contribution to your patients, co-workers and our future EMTs."

Silent Knight

Eric Tadd Curtin

"He really just makes sure everything's done ... he shows up for the mulch-casualty incident drills ... he makes all the trainings. He really puts a lot of time and dedication and effort into EMS."

Dubois Solid Rock

Harold Albright

"He shows up to everything he can, and he owns Albright Sand and Gravel, and owns a ranch, and he's on Search and Rescue."

Officer of Training

Casey Kiereleber

"He's organized all of our trainings, making sure it's all documented ... he's really a valuable asset to the organization."

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