Airport reselects Jviation as engineering consultant

Feb 20, 2014 By Alejandra Silva, Staff Writer

The City of Riverton has approved the airport board's recommendation to have Jviation as Riverton Regional Airport's engineering consultant.

The Federal Aviation Administration requires the city to look for a new consultant every five years, and Jviation has been administrating its consulting services to Riverton for the last five years.

The city received three other Statement of Qualifications from Sage Civil Engineering and Surveying of Cody and Riverton, GDA Engineering of Cody, and Western Research and Development, Ltd, of Cheyenne.

Jviation, of Denver, would continue assisting in airport projects and said it was determined to be the only commercial airport consultant to have Wyoming experience.

The SOQs were ranked by a group of six individuals, including city staff and airport board members who were selected by the airport manager.

Acting public services director Dawn Wilhelm told the council during a meeting Feb. 4 that Jviation also was most familiar with current capital improvement projects that include a large runway lowering project.

Council member Richard Gard commended Jviation for successfully providing consulting services to the city's airport but pointed out a drawback to reselecting the company.

"How will the other three get any experience if they don't ever get the job?" Gard said.

City staff clarified that neither cost nor location of a firm could be considered when making the selection, because the FAA has a guideline on how to choose based only on qualifications.

"We're obligated to go with the highest-qualified firm," mayor Ron Warpness said.

City administrator Steven Weaver added that a comparison between firms also would show that Jviation has a team while other firms have only one individual doing the work.

The staff report stated a majority of the consulting fees would be paid with FAA entitlement funds.

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