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Don't assume 'the sky is falling' due to EPA order

Feb 21, 2014 - Frank Tanner, Riverton


Bravo, Mayor Warpness and ex-mayor Vincent. It's nice to see that at least a few of our leaders have not fallen prey to the "Chicken Little" theme that the sky is falling that so many of our elected leaders, as illustrated by the whole Hill mess and their actions at the state level over the recent EPA ruling, have fallen prey to in the recent past.

Thank goodness for these cooler heads who have, as I see it, suggested that we really need to wait for some concrete evidence supporting the thesis that this ruling spells doom for Riverton and the other small communities being mentioned before we gear up for battle with this mystical giant. If such evidence does indeed exist, then would somebody please share it with the rest of us uninformed citizens? Otherwise, I can think of lots better ways to spend out money.