Public defenders often in tough position, deserve appreciation

Feb 24, 2014 Dany Kurttila, Riverton


I recently read an article in your paper concerning public defenders. It occurred to me that those providing that service have an often thankless, but valuable, task to perform.

I'd imagine most public defenders are overworked and underpaid and, apparently, often criticized. They have a very tough job to accomplish.

Perhaps defendants need to be reminded that many places don't provide free legal assistance.

All defendants start out with the presumption of innocence, but chances are, if they have been charged with a crime, the authorities likely have a reasonably strong case.

It would seem unrealistic for many of these alleged perpetrators to expect their charges to be dismissed, whether they have a private attorney or a public defender.

I would hope there would be some appreciation for the efforts expended by the area's public defenders. They often are put into a difficult position but still try their best to help their clients.

I and, IR00;imagine, many others, do appreciate the work they do.R00;So, thank you.

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