Feb 28, 2014 The Associated Press

Wyoming top C02 state per capita

CHEYENNE -- The worst state for carbon dioxide emissions per person isn't smoggy California or bustling New York, but a place famous for its big, clear skies: Wyoming.

In 2011, Wyoming emitted 64 million metric tons of carbon dioxide, according to figures released Wednesday by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Spread out over the smallest population of any state -- about 568,000 people lived in Wyoming in 2011 -- that works out to more than 112 metric tons of carbon dioxide per person, or more than six times the national average.

Burning coal -- nearly all of it to make electricity -- accounted for 69.2 percent of Wyoming's CO2 emissions, twice the U.S. average.

Only West Virginia (80.9 percent) and North Dakota (69.4 percent) had more of their CO2 emissions come from coal.

Wyoming residents aren't solely responsible for all of those emissions. Wyoming exports to other states about 68 percent more electricity than it consumes in state.

Medicaid expansion still on the table

CHEYENNE -- Gov. Matt Mead and other Wyoming officials could get the green light from the Legislature to investigate over the coming year whether they can reach an agreement with the federal government to expand Medicaid on the state's terms.

A conference committee of Wyoming legislators on Thursday endorsed a measure that specifies Mead -- as well as the Wyoming Department of Health and the state insurance commissioner -- may negotiate with federal officials on a plan called a demonstration waiver that differs from conventional Medicaid expansion.

The full House and Senate would still have to endorse the language before it would become part of the general government appropriation bill for the two-year period that starts July 1.

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