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If Riverton is to be part of new reservation state, will governing council expand?

Mar 4, 2014 - Michael Anderson, Riverton


I have been closely following the discussions concerning the recent EPA ruling which determined the inclusion of Riverton within the Wind River Indian Reservation boundary.

This determination, if carried to its full implementation, brings many questions. I, for one, do not think the natives of the reservation, nor their leaders, have given thought to all the ramifications of this ruling.

As I understand it, Riverton could become part of a federally controlled state, of which I am a resident. So, assuming this, and being born in Riverton, and being a resident of Riverton, that must make me a native of this new state.

Being a native, then, must give me the right to all entitlements of all natives within this reservation state. Because I am no longer a resident of the State of Wyoming, I cannot enjoy the benefits of residency, nor can I hunt or fish as a resident of Wyoming.

I would like to know who I contact to receive my share of cash payments, monthly allotments and other benefits enjoyed by a native of the great State of the Wind River Indian Reservation. Furthermore, where do I obtain rights for fishing and hunting in the reservation state? Finally, as a resident and native of the reservation state, I would like to run for an elected seat on the council. And with the added population from Riverton, how many seats will now be open for others to fill? When are the elections, so I might start an aggressive campaign in Riverton for an elected seat on the council?

I'm sure all the new natives who reside in the new state have the same questions and concerns as I do.