Take small steps when starting a workout

Mar 4, 2014 By Kelli Ameling, Staff Writer

With "swimsuit weather" just around the corner and weight-loss resolutions waiting to be fulfilled, people are starting to look for the perfect exercise routine to get them into shape.

Sophie Christopherson-Mosemann, owner of Lander Bodyworks Inc., said one of the most important things to remember when starting to work out is, "listen to your body."

She said, when working out, muscles are going to be sore if the person has pushed himself.

"Each person is different," Christopherson-Mosemann said. "However, if there is pain shooting down your spine, that is not good."

For the best results, Christopherson-Mosemann said a person should use a stair-step model when advancing through a workout. She said a person's body adopts easily and can adapt to new challenges.

"When the mind is bored, so is the body," she said. "Keep the body guessing."

She said the first two weeks are the hardest because the body is adopting and changing. However, once a person pushes through the first two weeks, workouts usually become routine.

"The first two weeks are hell, but it will make you a stronger, better and more energetic person," Christopherson-Mosemann said.

Diet also contributes to a person's weight loss or fitness goals.

"You cannot out-exercise a bad diet," she said.

Christopherson-Mosemann, a personal trainer and exercise instructor, said she is her own "guinea pig," because she tries diets and exercises before recommending them to clients. This way, she knows how each one affects her and lets her know what to recommend if something isn't working with a client.

To help achieve and jump-start a healthier lifestyle, Christopherson-Mosemann recommends hiring a personal trainer.

"It's a great option," she said. "Not only can a trainer help correct form, it's an appointment you are committed to keeping."

However, alternatives exist if a personal trainer is not an option.

"Work out with a friend that will push you to be the best person you can be," she said. "Not the beer-and-pizza friend, but the friend that will help you get there, gets you excited and helps you go the distance."

Christopherson-Mosemann said there are many options in the area for getting into shape, including gyms, outdoor exercise opportunities and exercise classes.

"(Lander Bodyworks Inc.) offers a fun perspective to get a person moving," she said, noting there are classes at all times for adults and children.

For more information on classes, personal trainers and nutrition, call Lander Bodyworks Inc. at 349-1086 or visit

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