Appointed clerk of court to run as GOP

Mar 6, 2014 By Eric Blom, Staff Writer

Kristi H. Green is hopes voters will pick her to stay Fremont County's Clerk of District Court, the office she was appointed to in May. Green announced her intention to run for the post as a Republican on Feb. 26.

"I really feel this is a privilege, being a part of the judicial system and seeing that justice does prevail," Green said. "It's very rewarding."

She has decades of experience in the judicial system and is working on three projects to digitize her office's processes, Green said.

Green, 48, graduated from Lander Valley High School in 1982 and lives in Lander. She started working as a clerk in what is now the Lander Circuit Court the next year, she said. In 1987, Judge Robert B. Denhardt

appointed her chief clerk in the circuit court clerk's office.

In 1995, she moved to the district court clerk's office and has worked there ever since. Katie Brodie Meredith resigned from the position of Clerk of District Court last year, and the Fremont County Commission chose Green to fill the post.

In January 2013, the Clerk of District Court's office started using a new computer system for keeping records of district court cases.

"It's a whole way of case management, how we have to enter each case in the computer system," Green said.

District courts clerks across Wyoming are all moving to the system, allowing officials in judicial system to better communicate, she said.

Green said the system would be a benefit to judges like District Court Judge Marvin L. Tyler. He is based in Pinedale but handles many Fremont County cases. With the new system, he is able to look at the Fremont County cases right on his computer in Pinedale rather than having to have paper mailed or faxed to him or travel to Lander.

Having a uniform statewide system would also allow district court clerks to provide more standardized data for the "Judicial Case Weighted Study." The study every year looks at the workload of judges and courts across Wyoming so the Supreme Court can decide if, for example, a particular court needs another judge.

"This data must be correct and accurately account for cases in the same manner as other districts," Green said. "I am responsible for working with the Wyoming Supreme Court and the judge's office in the compiling of this data for the weighted case load study."

Green is also working to implement an electronic filing system, which she expects to roll out in 2015. With electronic filing, lawyers would be able to file motions and other documents in a case online from their offices rather than coming into the clerk's office with hard copies.

People representing themselves would still file paper documents at the clerk's office window, Green said. The new system, however, would be a convenient for attorneys.

Green also hopes to digitize her office's index of court cases and make it available online. She is preparing a bid for a company to do the work and expects the project would start in early 2015.

The case index stretches back to the late 1800s, Green said, and includes basic information about cases, such as names and the type of case. She expects it to be helpful for citizens doing research into old court proceedings, such as people interested in genealogy.

Someone in another sate would be able to look online to, for example, if their grandparents were divorced in Lander. If they were, the person could obtain the case number and it to request more information about the case from the Clerk of District Court Clerk's Office.

Along with the projects, Green says her office has had to find more efficient ways to handle its day-to-day work.

"Our case load is up," Green said. "We're busier now than we have been in quite some time."

Though her predecessor resigned in the middle of her term, Green does not plan to do so.

"I will fulfill four years if I am so honored to be elected," she said.

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