Game and Fish budget bill signed

Mar 6, 2014 The Associated Press

CHEYENNE -- Gov. Matt Mead has signed a bill to allow the state game and fish department to shift some of its costs away from sportsmen.

The measure Mead signed on Thursday requires the state Game and Fish Commission to prepare a separate budget requesting general funds to cover the costs of employee health insurance.

It also calls for the commission to request general funds for the department's grizzly bear management program.

According to an analysis by the Legislative Service Office, insurance premiums for the department ran over $4.7 million in a recent fiscal year while expenditures for grizzly bear management were nearly $2 million.

Game and Fish Department Director Scott Talbott said at the bill-signing ceremony that the measure provides recognition that game department programs benefit everyone in the state.

Earlier funding adjustments have allowed the popular Wyoming Wildlife magazine to remain a monthly publication. At one time it had been announced that the magazine would be cut back to six times a year.

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