Mar 6, 2014 The Associated Press

Airman found dead at base

CHEYENNE -- Authorities are investigating the death of an airman at F.E. Warren Air Force Base.

Base officials said the active-duty airman was found dead on the base Wednesday but haven't released any details about the airman died.

F.E. Warren oversees intercontinental ballistic missile silos for the region.

Wyoming man killed in wreck

WILLISTON, N.D. -- A rear-end collision in Williams County involving a Ford F-650 work truck and a semitrailer killed a Wyoming man and resulted in a saltwater spill.

The Highway Patrol says the crash happened on U.S. Highway 2 about 7:45 p.m. Wednesday. The driver of the work truck, 51-year-old James Waldhart of Laramie was killed. The semi driver wasn't hurt.

The patrol says valves on the semitrailer were damaged and about 100 barrels, or 4,200 gallons, of saltwater spilled into the ditch.

UW picked for science camp

LARAMIE -- The University of Wyoming has been selected to host a special hands-on summer science camp for the fifth consecutive year.

Only 20 universities across the country are selected for the ExxonMobil Harris Summer Science Camp.

UW's Department of Physics and Astronomy, in cooperation with the Wyoming NASA Space Grant Consortium, will organize and run the event set for June 15-24 on the Laramie campus.

The camp will allow students to observe the universe with professional telescopes; study astronomical images on computers; construct scientific spectrographs to identify chemical elements; build and launch model rockets; conduct soil tests; create solar ovens; and test their very own Mars landers.

Memory Q&A at murder trial

CHEYENNE -- The defense in the Nathanial Castellanos double murder trial is arguing that trauma can cause people to be mistaken about their memories.

A psychology professor from the University of Nevada at Reno, Deborah Davis, took the stand Wednesday in Cheyenne as the defense began presenting its case. She said people can remember things that didn't happen at all or change events that did occur.

She didn't mention anyone by name but a key witness in the case was wounded in the shooting that left two others dead.

Last week, Amber McGuire, 25, said she was positive the 34-year-old defendant was the person who shot her and two others in August 2011.

Coe's loan deal approved

CHEYENNE -- The Wyoming House of Representatives on Wednesday tightened legislation to create a new procedure for granting state loans to support large economic development projects.

The House specified that the state treasurer may require the state to get an adequate security interest in funded projects and may charge borrowers a 1-percent loan origination fee.

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