Fair Tax Act would be a great improvement in this country

Mar 6, 2014 Michael Gard, Riverton


I am writing to ask voters of Fremont County to educate themselves about the Fair Tax Bill HR 25 that needs to be debated and voted on in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.

A fair tax as set forth in HR 25 is simply a sales tax on retail purchases at the cash register.

HR 25 will do the following:

- Repeal the 16th amendment to the Constitution, the income tax in America (IRS), with all of its problems -- special deductions, text breaks for the wealthy, kickbacks like Cornhusker that brought on Obamacare of 2009.

- Greatly diminish the IRS, saving $500 billion a year without losing any income to the federal government. $500 billion a year. The great stimulus for Obama was only $850 billion, a one-time shot, not $500 billion each and every year.

- Save employers millions in costs to prepare taxes and withhold it from employee checks, deal with the IRS making sure payments are withheld correctly and promptly, returning the money to the federal government under threat of fines and jail. Then allowing the government to use your money interest-free for a whole year.

- You will never have to file another income tax return to the federal government. You will never have unpaid taxes to worry about. You'll never have to pay additional fees to have someone to prepare your taxes or have a deadline to meet.

- You will never have income tax taken out of your paycheck again. You will receive of all the money you earn.

- You able to decide what tax you pay and when you pay it by choosing when and what you purchase.

- All food items will not be taxed, and special exemptions will be given to those below the poverty line in America.

- Medicare and Social Security payments will not be changed.

- Politicians won't be able to give favors and benefits to their supporters because the money is collected by the retail sales, and they don't know who pays the tax what they paid for. Any thoughtful person knows that big business adds the tax we charge them into their products and then adds a percentage of profit to that. Salt in the wound.

- Unions and other special interests could not be rewarded with special tax-exempt status to buy votes for politicians.

Only a few states don't collect a sales tax (Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, Oregon). They are the only states that would have to create a new service for the people. The rest of America already has this in place.

The states will collect the money from their own citizens and pay the fee to the federal government. This money would flow to the government each month, not April 15th, making budgeting much easier.

Everyone can and should participate in funding this great country. We pride ourselves as the Equality State, leading the way for others to follow. I call on the Wyoming Legislature in Cheyenne to get behind this effort and insist that the federal government change the tax code from 74,608 pages to the 133 pages that makeup the Fair Tax Act HR25.

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