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Will Hill's attackers 'circumvent the law'?

Mar 10, 2014 - Charles Goodman, Riverton


I was tremendously pleased to see that the Wyoming Supreme Court ruled Senate File 104, the bill removing State Superintendent Cindy Hill from power, to be unconstitutional.

However, it also points out another obvious fact. Do our elected officials have so little regard for the wishes of the voters that they will circumvent the law to further their own personal agendas?

It has become painfully clear that there is some underlying reason for their attacks on Cindy Hill that they are unwilling to divulge.

It is an election year, and I truly hope that the voters of Wyoming remember this when it is time to vote again.

And I also hope that Superintendent Hill will continue her campaign for governor.

She has demonstrated the integrity and fight that I believe are essential traits of a good leader.

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