Mar 13, 2014 The Associated Press

Man charged with attempted murder

ROCK SPRINGS -- A Rock Springs man is accused of beating his girlfriend and trying to kill her by speeding toward oncoming traffic.

Fifty-year-old Steven Dean McLaren made his first court appearance by video on Wednesday. Among the offenses he's been charged with are attempted second-degree murder, kidnapping and driving under the influence of a controlled substance.

According to court documents, McLaren was driving with his girlfriend, Jennifer Evans, on Monday when Evans said he began screaming at her. She said he attempted to strike an oncoming pickup truck while going 80 mph and later stopped in the path of oncoming tractor-trailer and told her "they were going to die today."

McLaren is being held at the Sweetwater County Detention Center. It's not clear whether he has a lawyer yet.

Jetliner hits severe turbulence

BILLINGS, Mont. -- A United Airlines flight likely encountered severe "clear-air turbulence" over Wyoming when it began to lurch violently en route from Denver to Billings, causing injuries to 11 of the 114 people on board, federal safety investigators said.

A report from the National Transportation Safety Board said the Boeing 737-700 sustained minor damage in the Feb. 17 incident but continued on its way for an uneventful landing.

Two people were seriously injured, and nine people reported minor injuries.

Among those with minor injuries was a lap-held infant. Passengers had said a baby was wrenched from a parent's hold as the plane was shaken by the turbulence while travelling at an altitude of 34,000 feet.

The NTSB said clear weather was reported at the time of the event.

United has since returned the plane to service.

House wants info on eagle deaths

WASHINGTON -- House Republicans are seeking to compel the Obama administration to turn over uncensored, internal documents related to its enforcement of environmental laws at wind farms where eagles and other protected birds have been killed.

The House Natural Resources Committee issued the subpoena Tuesday.

Only one wind energy company has been prosecuted for killing eagles and other birds in violation of federal law. Duke Energy pleaded guilty in November to killing eagles and other birds at two Wyoming wind farms and will pay $1 million.

Yet federal scientists said last year that wind turbines have killed at least 67 eagles in recent years.

An Associated Press investigation exposed how the Obama administration was failing to enforce the law for wind power, even as it pursued deaths caused by oil companies.

Ex-teacher must answer sex charges

LARAMIE -- A former physical education teacher at Rock River School faces felony charges alleging sexual assault of a minor student.

Circuit Court Judge Robert Castor ordered 25-year-old former teacher Ray James Moore bound over to district court on four felony charges of third-degree sexual assault of a minor.

Moore resigned his position at the school last month. He had worked as girls' basketball coach at the school.

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