Let the good times roll; March Madness is near

Mar 14, 2014 By Bruce Tippets, Sports Editor

College basketball is in the middle of the best couple weeks of the season.

Things are getting exciting with all the postseason tournaments going on all around the United States.

Games are being played all day long on television, from the big conferences to the small conferences.

Sports fans can watch games early in the morning until late in the evening.

I'm a little confused with conferences because of all the changes that have been made, but there is no shortage on drama when a college basketball team tries to make a name for itself. This is when the little colleges are ready to jump into the spotlight for a a big-time ride.

I'm finding it hard to find enough time in the day to watch all the games so I will able to fill out a bracket next week.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights were all about college basketball.

Thursday was a day for state high school basketball.

This weekend is all about college basketball again. Tickets are being punched to the NCAA tournament on a rapid pace.

There are always going to be surprises and disappointments when a long season comes to an end.

I was proud of the way the Wyoming Cowboys battled before losing to UNLV on Thursday afternoon in the quarterfinals of the Mountain West Conference tournament in Las Vegas.

The MWC is not as tough as it was last year, but I'm still guessing at least three teams will be invited to the big dance.

Speaking of the tournament, there are already some interesting odds out on who is going to win the NCAA title.

Florida is the early pick to go all the way to the title. Kansas, Arizona and Wichita State are right behind the Florida Gators.

There is no question Wichita State has been good for college basketball. Thanks to an undefeated season, Wichita State deserves to be a No. 1 seed for the do-or-die tournament.

I watched Wichita State play for the first time on Sunday afternoon when they won its conference tournament over Indiana State.

Wichita State has the pressure defense needed to make a run deep into the tournament.

They go and go. The Shockers also can score when they need to.

I'm probably going to have Wichita State go far into the tournament in my brackets.

One of my sleeper teams is be the Michigan State Spartans. MSU often catches fire during the NCAA tournament. I expect the same this year.

It would be nice if Arizona could last awhile in the tournament, or another western team like San Diego State.

I'm a fan of seeing teams from the West knock off teams from the East.

Sunday night is the when the brackets for the NCAA tournament will be announced. I always watch the experts talk about the teams in the dance late into the evening.

Get your pencils ready. It's going to be a good time for the next three or or four weeks.

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