RHS expands course offerings with animation, baking classes

Mar 18, 2014 By Alejandra Silva, Staff Writer

Riverton High School has approved two additional courses to be offered to students in the next school year. "Animation" and "Baking and Pastry" will be offered for a half credit to students.

Animation will be taught by Tyler Kreitzer and requires a prerequisite of Multimedia I and Multimedia II. In the course, students will be able to develop their creativity and explore their artistic and technical skills. The course will incorporate drawing, design, character animation and storytelling and students will learn basic animation principles, terms and techniques.

Students also will be able to create animation projects. The course also meets the Wyoming career and technical standards and testate fine and performing arts standards.

RHS principal John Griffith described it as a "stop-motion animation" course that could be offered at the same time with Multimedia III.

Baking and Pastry is offered with Pam Rivers as the instructor. Griffith said 71 students have signed up for the course in the culinary arts option for students that has been become very successful at the school.

"That program has grown significantly and serves a lot of our students," he said.

Students will use their knowledge of science and physics by learning and using baking formulas and creating quality products through the use of recipes. The courses also is intended to help students explore the cultural heritage connected with baking and pastry, and to use several ingredients and techniques.

Both courses will provide students with the initial education in career fields they could decide to pursue after high school.

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