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New museums boss needs to get Riverton Museum back on its feet fast

Mar 18, 2014 - Eileen Way, Riverton


I did not like the idea of hiring one museum director for the whole county, but now that is done. Time to move on. I do think they hired a good man for the job.

No one ever asks for my advice, but I can offer it in a letter to the editor. Here it is: The very first thing the new museum department's overall county director, Mr. Goetz, ought to do is see to it that the Riverton Museum is opened back up to the public on a regular schedule right away.

Mr. Goetz is from Lander, and in Riverton we are worried that all of his attention will be centered there. I understand that a lot of it should be, because Lander's whole museum situation been a problem, which is what got us to the place were the county commissioners thought we needed an overall director. Dubois has had a lot of strife in the museum up there as well.

But in Riverton things ran along smoothly under Mr. Loren Jost year after year. If there were any big problems, he never made the public suffer for them the way it always seemed to happen with the other museums.

Now Mr. Jost has retired, and the Riverton Museum is "blowing in the wind" a little bit. Mr. Goetz, this has been the trouble-free museum compared to the other two, so do right by it in your new job and get it up and going as fast as possible.

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