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No guarantee for Mead on a second term as governor

Mar 21, 2014 - Ed Brigsilder, Riverton


I agree that Matt Mead has a lot of advantages when he runs for his second term, but I do not think he is guaranteed anything. Remember, he was the one who pushed so hard to a 10-cent increase in the gasoline and diesel taxes in this state, and we all are paying more for every gallon in the car or truck. I though he was Mr. Fiscal Conservative, but I guess not.

That is enough to get me to look at somebody else even before he started the witch hunt against Cindy Hill. How many millions will we spend of taxpayer money to keep persecuting her? They say an incumbent who is a Republican can't lose in this state. Mead might be the richest man ever to be governor in Wyoming, so maybe he can spend his way back into another four years. But I predict a lot of Wyoming voters will consider the alternative.

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