The way it was: Bronze deer -- 1998

Mar 24, 2014 From staff reports

It takes a lot of different people to create and ship a huge bronze sculpture such as this one being readied for delivery in March 1998.

Sporting goods retail giant Cabela's was opening a new store in Owantanna, Minn., and the company commissioned Montana sculptor Dick Idol for the designs of two massive deer to be displayed at the store.

Once the sculpture took shape, Lander firm Eagle Bronze entered the picture, taking six months to transform the artist's creative vision into not one, but two bronze deer. When completed, each bronze weighed 15,000 pounds.

Once they were ready to ship, the Riverton trucking company L.L. Smith was hired for the long, careful haul from Wyoming to Minnesota.

In this photograph Mark Kohler of L.L. Smith checked the tie-downs that secured the dynamically depicted deer on the trailer that would carry the sculptures.

The picture is from March 24, 1998.

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File photo/Wayne Nicholls

File photo/Wayne Nicholls

File photo/Wayne Nicholls

File photo/Wayne Nicholls

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