Where is our sense of responsibility?

Mar 24, 2014 Roni Jaure, Rawlins


We hear the clamor for personal rights, the right to an education, the right of a good paying job, and the right of health care among others. Although I agree they may be a common good, but if they are a right are they a right without responsibility?

I remember while we were in school we had free education or at least my parents never received a bill from the school district. Schools were funded as they still are by taxes which came out tax payers' pockets.

I had the right to attend school but it was also clearly understood that my parents had the responsibility to see that I showed up to school every day. I also had the responsibility to behave in class, study hard and do any and all work as assigned. If you misbehaved, failed your classes or if you dropped out of school, you were held responsible for the choices you made.

Later when we entered the work force our right to a good paying job was contingent upon us having graduated high school and then to actually do the job we were being paid for. Paychecks were earned; remember the saying a good day's wage for a good days work.

I also remember when doctors and hospitals were willing to take payments for charges when patients were unable to pay.

I can remember when our daughter broke a bone and we paid payments each, to the hospital, the doctor, the x-ray technician, the anesthesiologist every month until we paid our debt in full. It never occurred to us to default on the debt.

America we are now $17 trillion in debt and continuing to borrow money. Where is our responsibility to only spend what we rightfully earn?

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