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'The Way it Was' picture a reminder of long-ago friend

Mar 25, 2014 Joyce Ferland, Fort Myers, Fla.


The picture for "The Way It Was" on Sunday, March 16, was delightful. I loved seeing the Frontier Airlines staff dressed up in their uniforms and neckties.

This is going back a ways, but as a small child I knew one of the men in that picture, Bill Cook. He was a family acquaintance and, as I recall, a pretty good friend of my father's.

Here is the funny thing. Until I saw this picture in the Sunday paper, I did not realize that Bill Cook worked at the airport for Frontier. I was a very little girl. I do remember seeing him in his uniform, but for some reason I thought he was the milkman! They used to wear uniforms, too, back when there still was such a thing as the milkman.

It was a nice look back at a simpler time. I did enjoy it.

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