Previous letter's question on military duty is answered daily

Mar 26, 2014 Frances Bergeson, Casper


I have to disagree with some of what Mary Sue Shoup wrote in her letter to the editor on March 14 in The Ranger. Of course I, and I believe most Americans, agree with her general ideas on service. I enjoyed learning about her father and his Pearl Harbor experience, both on active duty and as a veteran.

Where I take issue is at the end of her letter, when she asks "I just wonder how many of our men would come if called now?"

The answer to that question is before us every day, and has been for more than a decade in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hundreds of thousands of American men -- and women -- have put on the uniform and served this country in support functions, combat missions and special assignments that among other things have included the mission that killed Osama bin Laden.

What's more, every one of them has entered service as a volunteer. There is not a single active-duty U.S. service member who was drafted. I speak from knowledge. My granddaughter was in service until late last year.

So I congratulate Mary Sue Shoup for her patriotism and thank her father for his service. She is right that he and his cohorts must not be forgotten. But as for the question of whether "our men" would answer the call if it sounded today, they already have done it, and they are still doing it.


Would our men answer the call today if it were sounded?

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