Conclusion seems premature on deputy's shooting victim

Apr 15, 2012 Kari Griebel Kinnear

After reading about the county deputy shooting a man to death, I feel prompted to write a letter to the editor.

In one story is a quote from the county coroner stating "it was his (the victim's) intent to have the deputy shoot him."

Isn't the job of the coroner to state only the cause of death?

Not long after was a story telling us police used a bean bag weapon to defuse yet another devastating situation.

Many of us have heard statements from those that are suffering either physical or mental anguish such as "I can't go on like this," "Please Just let me die," or "Just shoot me."

All of those who serve the public must provide lifesaving practices. It is social irresponsibility to accept "deputy-assisted suicide" or "suicide by cop." Far too many Americans die badly as these unjust problems continue to plague our society.

Fremont County Coroner Ed McAuslan claimed to speak for Michael Huff by stating it was Mr. Huff's intent to be killed by another. Then call it suicide before the investigation is complete.

So I say "no." I, too, speak for Mike Huff. Aren't we all are morally and ethically bound to affirm and respect life?

Who speaks for Michael Huff?

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