Republicans claiming gay marriage fits the party don't spea

Mar 30, 2014 Carole J. Boyd Dubois

News coverage claiming "Gay marriage fits Republican values" is distorted. The few sources do not speak for thousands of Republicans and independents for whom the aforementioned values definitely do not fit.

Marriage is the contract between God, a man and a woman, for the creation of a family, the foundation of civilization. Same-sex couples are not capable of providing the different contributions made to a child's growth and development by a female mother and a male father.

There are other legal contracts that can be made between same-sex couples to secure their life with each other.

The quickest way to tear down a nation is to destroy the family unit. Hijacking marriage makes no sense unless its purpose is to open the legal door to, for instance, pedophiles to also come forth with the same tired excuse of "God made me this way, so he must approve of my lifestyle."

Do we then legalize their demands to normalize their particular proclivity? God loves and approves of people, not "lifestyles." He has told us what he thinks of aberrant behavior and how to go to him for the answers.

There is another motive behind wanting to have same-sex marriage legalized. Does it not seem strange to you that the same people who scream insults at fellow citizens who cling to their Bibles push so hard to attain God's holy and blessed union of a man and a woman? Logic, based on all the other gay rhetoric, would lead us to believe same-sex couples would run screaming from anything closely related to God and his word. If politically motivated candidates want to endorse it for your own purposes, that is your choice. However, do not pull all Republicans and Independents under your tent by falsely building numbers to lend credibility to your personal point of view.

I cite the following as just one example of basis for legal argument: Grisby v Reib. 153 S.W. 1124,1129-1130 (Texas Supreme Court 1913) Texas Supreme Court affirmed: "Marriage was not originated by human law. When God created Eve, she was a wife to Adam; they then and there occupied the status of husband to wife and wife to husband... When Noah was selected for salvation from the flood, he and his wife and his three sons and their wives were placed in the ark; and, when the flood waters had subsided and the families came forth, it was Noah and his wife and each son and his wife."

The truth is that civil government has grown out of marriage, which created homes, and population, and society, from which government became necessary. Marriage will produce a home and family that will contribute to a good society, to free and just government, and to the support of Christianity.

It would be sacrilegious to apply the designation "civil contract" to such a marriage. It is that and more -- a status ordained by God.

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