We will 'be a better country' than Russia

Apr 2, 2014 Frank Tanner


I'm sure that almost everyone agrees with the statement expressed in the letter from Scott Clement published in the March 20 issue of the Ranger about notwanting to @257;ght a war with Russia over the Crimea.

However, the last part of the last sentence in that letter clearly shows why we must do everything short of war that we possibly can to support the Ukraine in this situation.

How can we possible "be a better country than Russia" if we simply stand silently by while this happens? Sounds to me like just what Germany did to Czechoslovakia and Austria while the rest of the world just stood by and watched in the 1930s.

What will be next prize awarded to Russia or China or someone else free of all consequences while we all just stand and watch? Perhaps Mexico will take Texas back.

Just as an afterthought, l think the writer of that letter would lose his bet about the members of Congress not being able to even locate Ukraine on a map.

After all, who could ever forget Alfred Lord Tennyson's poem, "The Charge of the Light Brigade," which took place in the Crimea?

Frank Tanner


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