Make admission to indoor sports at CWC free of charge

Apr 4, 2014 Kevin Barr, Riverton


Central Wyoming College is adding golf and cross country to its sports program. That is fine with me, but these are not sports that the public is going to go out and watch. And even if people didn't want to watch them, how many "home" tournaments or meets will there even be in a season? One?

I know that the purpose of sports at the community college is not just for spectators. But I would recommend that with the sports that are good for spectators, meaning basketball and volleyball, that the college stop charging admission for spectators. We are used to the idea of getting into our high school games free of charge, and these are our kids and the kids of our friends. The college athletes in town are mostly strangers to us.

I say good luck to the golfers and the runners who will be coming to CWC this fall. Also, however, I would be much more likely to attend games in the gymnasium if admission is free.

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