Apr 8, 2014 The Associated Press

Fifth hopeful pursuing Maxfield seat

CHEYENNE -- The race to succeed Wyoming Secretary of State Max Maxfield is becoming even more crowded.

Cheyenne businessman Ed Murray announced Monday that he's running for the secretary of state position. The 56-year-old Republican is owner of a Cheyenne based real estate investment and development company.

Murray joins four other Republicans who have said they will run. They are former Republican state legislators Ed Buchanan of Torrington and Pete Illoway of Cheyenne. Current Republican State Rep. Dan Zwonitzer of Cheyenne and Clark Stith, a former Sweetwater County Republican chairman, also are running.

Maxfield announced recently that he won't seek a third term even though he had won a court victory overturning a state law that set term limits for the position.

UW limits part-time faculty

LARAMIE -- The University of Wyoming doesn't rely as much as other colleges on part-time instructional faculty.

The National Center for Education Studies says that since 1971, the number of full-time faculty at universities in the U.S. has decreased 20 percent, and the number of part-time faculty has increased the same amount.

But while many universities across the country have dumped tenured faculty in favor of less expensive, more disposable adjunct professors, UW has kept its part-time instructional faculty to less than 10 percent. That is about half the national average.

The primary reason many universities switch to adjunct or part-time faculty is to save money. Most part-time faculty are paid per class they teach, they receive no benefits, and they usually can be terminated without notice.

Bears waking up for spring

GRAND TETON NATIONAL PARK -- Bears are out of hibernation at Grand Teton National Park and officials say both residents and park visitors should be alert for them.

Staff workers at Grand Teton recently received reports of a group of bears just east of the park's headquarters campus in Moose.

Typically about half of male bears are out of their dens by mid-March and females with their yearlings emerge shortly after that.

Park visitors should make noise and travel in groups of three or more. They should carry bear spray and know how to use it and always maintain at least a 100-yard distance from bears.

FFA convention in Cheyenne

CHEYENNE -- Hundreds of high school agriculture students have gathered in Cheyenne for the Wyoming State Future Farmers of America convention.

The convention, which runs through Thursday, is expected to draw almost 1,700 participants to town.

The gathering offers students the opportunity to earn a spot at the national convention in events such as livestock judging, parliamentary procedure, agronomy or sales, and it includes a career fair and scholarship information.

It also offers career development and includes an election for next year's state officers.

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