City OKs airport group, sets four goals

Apr 10, 2014 By Alejandra Silva, Staff Writer

Great Lakes Airlines operates at Riverton Regional Airport and has been dealing with pilot shortages and other issues that have affected local air service.

The Riverton City Council has approved the recommended Airport Task Force, which was formed to address reliable air service at Riverton Regional Airport.

The council also adopted a set of goals for priority attention for the rest of the year.

Great Lakes Airlines operates at the airport and has been dealing with pilot shortages and other issues that have impacted local air service.

The Riverton Regional Airport Board, which is appointed by the Riverton mayor and council, recommended the following task force members, all of whom were approved April 1: Paul Griffin, Steven Weaver, Richard Gard, Stephanie Kessler, Cade Maestas, Gary Hamlin, Ken Cundall, Phil Christopherson, Missy White and Mike Anderson.

Representatives from the Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone tribes also were invited to join the group.

In a recent meeting, city staff said White was appointed as chair person of the task force.

"It's really important that we keep our air service here," Warpness said. "We have a good team together."

The city council approval gave the group formal authority to move forward with its plans.

Council goals

The council approved four new goals for 2014 in a resolution vote April 1:

- guide positive growth;

- enhance dialogue and proactive communication;

- target public intoxication;

- demonstrate fiscal responsibility.

The first initiative is meant to support housing and job creation, improve air service, and continue to seek opportunities to "beautify" the community.

Through the second goal, the council would like to increase community involvement in city government, improve communication regarding federal rulings regarding the boundary of the Wind River Indian Reservation and engage in dialogue with tribal leaders and members.

To target public intoxication, the city plans to support expanded initiatives and services at the Center of Hope and "identify additional stakeholder/funding sources to support expansion" at the facility previously known as "detox."

The fourth goal would focus on capital improvement plans while maintaining and ensuring completion of projects and "financial sustainability." The resolution also states the city and staff would "maintain transparency pursuant to cash flow and reserve limits."

Throughout the year, the council along with city staff will work toward the goals by integrating each objective in daily work and decision making processes.

"As staff we take these goals very, very seriously," administrative services director Courtney Bohlender said. "There is not an evening that we don't have in that conference room where these aren't addressed."

She said staff tries to "facilitate" these goals in all possible ways with the council.

The council's recent goal-setting session was moderated by Lori Ridgway, director of workforce training at Central Wyoming College.

"It's a shared vision," Ridgway told the council this week. "(Your staff) looks forward to seeing at the end of this year how the council has also supported these goals and worked toward achieving them together."

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