I was game for the game

Feb 8, 2012 By Carolyn B. Tyler

I stopped for the commercials and stayed for the game.

With no dog in the fight, I had little interest in the Super Bowl Sunday evening and just planned to see the kickoff, and then catch the commercials online after the game.

But after an awful start, it turned into a good game and I stayed with it to the very end. As a Broncos fan, I would have preferred the AFC team win, but it was good football nevertheless.

I enjoyed the commercials, in no small part because dogs were integral to many of them.

In fact, I even had a pregame taste of the dog commercials.

My trio was not caged as usual Saturday night and had gathered in a heap at my feet when I fell asleep with the TV turned to "Saturday Night Live."

Suddenly they all aroused at once, turned attentively to the television, which, in turn awaked me. The Volkswagen "teaser" ad for its Super Bowl "Diet Dog" was playing -- a group of appropriately-clad dogs barking the "Imperial March" theme to Star Wars. The barking went on for 45 seconds of the minute commercial, yet there wasn't a yip from my bed. It was as if they were standing at attention.

The Super Bowl commercial which got my best attention was the Skechers "Dog Race." The little French bulldog who won the race in the red Skechers running shoes looked exactly like a short-legged version of my Samson -- and displayed the same attitude.

The Doritos' "K-9 bribery" commercial was fun as was the Doritos "Baby Bungee," which gave me an idea for fun in my PowerChair.

I was sorry the Budweiser Clydesdales were almost missing, but the Coca Cola polar bears are appealing. The Bud Light "Rescue Dog" was another fun "Here Wego" display by a dog.

I didn't buy in as strongly to the M&M's "Party" commercial or the Audi "So Long Vampires" as did many of the people responding to polls, and the Hyundai "Cheetah" left me cold.

Clint Eastwood's "It's Halftime in America" Chrysler commercial was probably the best of the auto ads, which overall were generally weak in my opinion. Unlike many people I was turned off by the Chevy "Apocalypse" commercial. Could it be because my van is a Ford?

But it was a fun evening with the football game as good as the commercials.

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