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Wyoming prepares for spring game

Apr 17, 2014 From staff reports

LARAMIE -- Wednesday morning's Cowboy football practice saw the Pokes practice in full pads for the last time prior to the spring game on Saturday, April 19.

Head coach Craig Bohl commented after Wednesday's 13th practice of spring football that he thought his team was challenged by the fact that they were reaching the end of a spring practice schedule that pushed the players to their limits physically and mentally.

"We had our last padded practice today," said Bohl. "On Friday, we'll only be in sweats, and we'll be brushing up a couple things and staging for our spring game.

"There were some good things out there today, but there were some things that we certainly need to work on. I think some of our guys may have had the attitude that, 'I just want to get through today's practice and spring ball is just about done.' We need to learn how to finish, and I don't think we're there yet.

"Nonetheless, it was a good spirited practice. We ended up with a goal-line scrimmage and the defense came up with a big, big stop, which was encouraging.

"We did get a couple guys nicked up today. I think D.J. May pulled a hamstring. We'll get some further information, but I would think it will be doubtful that he'll be in position to play in the spring game.

"I think Mark Nzeocha did something to his foot, but we'll find out a little bit more about it.

"We're still rotating quarterbacks, and making progress there. We're not where we want to be yet. We are on a fast track and the Montana game is not far away."

Asked how he and his staff teach the Cowboys how to finish practices and how to finish out spring ball on a strong note, Bohl replied, "It's a process. I believe our guys really want to do well and they want to win.

"Ball games get decided most of the time in the fourth quarter, and teams drastically change in the fourth quarter, so that mentality of being disciplined and persevering is key. That is part of what we call 'Cowboy tough' football. We are making progress, but we are a ways away from where we need to be."

Bohl was asked how he saw the spring game being structured.

"I'll take a look at the depth chart," said Bohl. "We had hoped to play a regular game.

"Now if we get really thin at some spots, we may have to amend that and have a running clock in the second half."

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