Apr 19, 2014 The Associated Press

Gillette may ban parking in alleys

GILLETTE -- Gillette is considering a ban on parking in some downtown alleys while a main road is being rebuilt.

Officials say the move is necessary to help delivery drivers during and after street reconstruction.

The city council unanimously approved an ordinance that would ban parking in the alleys on either side of Gillette Avenue so customers can access store back doors and delivery drivers can have access to their customers.

Landslide in Jackson slows

JACKSON --No one can say when the mountainside collapsing into Jackson will give way. But it appears increasingly likely that when it does, it's going to take a piece of the Wyoming resort town with it.

Jackson Fire Chief Willy Watsabaugh said the earth movements slowed somewhat Saturday. That gives crews a chance to re-assess the damage, yet leaves an uncertain fate for the businesses, houses and two apartment buildings in the slide zone.

What triggered the slide remains under investigation. Authorities are looking into whether construction at the foot of the mountainside contributed.

Officials discuss taking fed lands

SALT LAKE CITY --Officials from nine Western states say it's time they take control of federal lands within their borders.

The lawmakers and county commissioners met at Utah's Capitol on Friday to discuss their joint goal of wresting oil-, timber- and mineral-rich lands away from the feds.

The Legislative Summit on the Transfer of Public Lands, as it was called, was not publicized until midday, when the Utah House sent out notice of a 4:30 p.m. news conference.

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