Better programming among goals of new museums director

Apr 23, 2014 By Kelli Ameling, Staff Writer

The new countywide museums director hopes the residents of Fremont County realize how unique the museums system is while looking forward to a "better" future for the museums in Lander, Riverton and Dubois.

Scott Goetz was named as the first countywide museums director in February and began work March 17.

Goetz created some controversy when he fired the Fremont County Museums Board of Trustees administrative assistant his first day on the job, but he said his focus is on improving the museums system.

Goetz said he accepted the position because he used to work in a similar job.

"It was an opportunity to get back (in the field)," he said.

His immediate goal is to improve the three facilities he oversees.

"It's simple, I hope they are better five years from today," Goetz said.

He said he hopes to build more consistency and sharing between the three facilities. He thinks more communication can improve museum programming.

When it comes to his vision of the museums system, he said he wants people to see how fortunate they are to have three museums in the county.

"That's not common in Wyoming," Goetz said. "(The system) is a unique asset to the county and the people in the communities."

Goetz said he wants people to know that the museums are an

important part of tourism and economic development.

He said one of his goals is to digitize and archive all the photos throughout the museums system. By doing so, he said if a resident in Dubois wants to look at photos in Lander, she could do so through the Dubois Museum.

"It's a long-term goal," he said, adding it could take years to complete, if it is ever completed. "Part of being a better system is to see consistent progress."

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