New initiative puts consequences on display

Apr 29, 2014 By Kelli Ameling, Staff Writer

Students will get to experience jail cells, court hearings and emergency room setups at the Life RUR00;Ready event May 6.

Fremont County sixth-graders will have the opportunity to engage in various simulations during the Life RUR00;Ready event May 6 in Riverton.

The simulations include a car crash scenario and law enforcement "busting a party." Students also will get to experience jail cells, court hearings and emergency room setups and hear from speakers from the county coroner's office.

"The reason this is important to our community is prevention, prevention, prevention," said Fremont County Public Health nurse Teresa Nirider. "Fremont County ranks high within the state in regards to alcohol-related crimes, death and motor vehicle crashes."

Nirider said if the event can help teens see the consequences of what bad choices look like, then they can make better decisions in the future.

"So, overall, the importance to our community is to help these young people understand that in the near future, as they progress to adulthood, they will have the opportunity to make bad or good decisions," Nirider said. "This simulation is to help them understand people really do die, get injured or go to jail for making bad decisions."

She said the Wind River, Dubois, Shoshoni and Fort Washakie school districts will send their sixth-graders, but she hopes the event will expand into an annual event and acquire more student participants.

Nirider said this is the first time the event will be held in the county, and it is a joint effort with public health, prevention agencies, law enforcement, legal counsel, the county coroner's office, health care agencies and youth volunteers.

"We hope schools, students, parents and the community take away the knowledge of what bad decisions regarding substance abuse looks like," Nirider said, "thereby increasing the likelihood in which the participants will have the skills to make the right decision when offered drugs or alcohol. We are hopeful to impact the overall health of our county, by educating students at an impressionable age in order to prevent bad decisions in regards to drugs and alcohol."

The event will be in the Fremont Center at the Fremont County Fairgrounds.

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