Facilities leaders visit Riverton schools

May 8, 2014 By Alejandra Silva, Staff Writer

The first stop was the proposed site for Riverton's new elementary school at 1200 W. Monroe Ave.

Fremont County School District 25 administration facilitated a tour in Riverton for members of the Wyoming School Facilities Commission and School Facilities Department.

The SFD works through the SFC to enforce regulations, codes and guidelines for school facilities. Officials from both groups visited several local school buildings, including the property at 1200 W. Monroe Ave. that was purchased to house Riverton's newest elementary school.

The district began designing the new school project in February with the input from local staff and community members. Most recently, FCSD25 superintendent Terry Snyder said he and his staff began working on the budget component of the project.

During the recent tour, Snyder said he showed the school facilities officials why a double egress will be necessary at the site of the new facility. The design concept allows parents to drop off or pick up their children then exit the property without turning around.

He also talked about the funding that would be necessary to pave the road and sidewalk adjacent to the future facility.

"They were very impressed with that planning and attention to that issue," he said.

Snyder also took the tour group to Rendezvous Elementary School to see the renovations done there in an effort to meet the state-mandated 16:1 student-teacher ratio.

The new school should help meet the ratio requirement as well. Currently, Snyder said, the district maintains an 18.5:1 student-teacher ratio. Seven new teachers would have to be hired in order to meet the 16:1 requirement now, he said.

The officials also visited Riverton High School during their trip, and they stopped by several local elementary schools that recently received structural changes to security entrances.

"They were very receptive and appreciative to see the projects we have done with both their major maintenance funds and component funds," Snyder said of the school facilities group.

He added that he was sure to emphasize local concerns about the need for an auditorium and wrestling room in the Riverton district.

"I think they understand it's a very legitimate project and request," Snyder said.

Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction also participated in some of the SFD activities in Riverton.

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