CWC's Burnett is all-around cowgirl in region for '13-14

May 8, 2014 By Bruce Tippets, Sports Editor

Central Wyoming College cowgirl Kaylee Burnett locked down the women's all-around buckle Sunday after clinching the barrel racing regional title at the Uni-versity of Wyoming rodeo in Laramie.

In the Central Rocky Mountain Region, Burnett scored 1,065 points for the top spot.

The victory qualified Burnett for the College National Finals Rodeo in barrel racing and goat tying.

"Kaylee practiced hard all year," CWC coach Drew Schrock said. "It's neat to watch someone work hard for something and win."

Burnett won three out of the five spring rodeo seasons in barrel racing.

"She had a great spring for us," Schrock said.

Hill qualifies, too

CWC cowboy Coltin Hill placed third in steer wrestling to join Burnett in qualifying for the CNFR.

"Coltin really stepped up his level with riding his horse in his box," Schrock said. "He is steer wrestling better than I have ever seen him."

Hill's horse was the top one in the region.

"That is a huge honor as well," Schrock said. "I'm really excited for both of them."

High score

Burnett topped the field of cowgirls in barrel racing with 790 points.

"It was really close in barrel racing," Schrock said.

Gillette's Kristi Steffes came in second at 755 points. Her teammate Tally Roepke finished third (725 points).

In the women's all-around race, Gillette's Taylor Engesser was second (930 points).

CWC women third

In the final regional standings, the CWC women were third at 1,205 points.

Gillette College won the regional title scoring 3,155 points.

Chadron State finished second with 3,143.33 points.

"Gillette and Chadron were solid every week," Schrock said. "The girls that were on the points team were getting points. They had girls that weren't on the points teams that were taking points from other colleges. They are both well coached."

The top two teams qualify for the CNFR in the middle of June at the Casper Events Center.

"We have a good class coming in next year," Schrock said. "I'm excited for next year."

The CWC men placed 11th with 865 points in the team standings.

Gillette College finished first putting together 4,720 points. Casper College ended in the runner-up position (4,678.33 points).

CNFR qualifier

Hill had been in the steer wrestling title race all season long in the region. Hill collected 460 points in the 10 college rodeos in 2013-14.

Casper College cowboy Riley Krassin took the steer wrestling tile (870 points). Krassin is from Lander. Taylor Bond from Northeastern Junior College placed second (530 points).

Hill and Krassin will practice together in Lander this summer to prepare for the CNFR.

Spratt wins

Gillette College cowgirl Coralee Spratt finished No. 1 in the breakaway roping event for a position at the CNFR.

The former Shoshoni High School cowgirl tallied 535 points. Casper College's Lacey Camp was second (400 points) and Brandy Brown from Laramie was third (310).

Final results from

Central Rocky Mountain Region

regular season

Men's team standings -- 1. Gillette College, 4,720; 2. Casper College, 4,678.33; 3. Sheridan College, 3,650; 4. University of Wyoming, 3,615; 5. Eastern Wyoming College, 3,390; 6. Northeastern Junior College, 3,330; 7. Lamar Community College, 1,560; 8. Chadron State College, 1,085; 9. Otero Junior College, 1,010.00; 10. Laramie County Community College, 918.33; 11. Central Wyoming College, 885; 12. Colorado State University, 800; 13. Air Force Academy, 50.

Women's team standings -- 1. Gillette College, 3,155; 2. Chadron State College, 3,143.33; 3. Central Wyoming College, 1,205; 4. Sheridan College, 970; 5. Casper College, 933.33; 6. Eastern Wyoming College, 838.33; 7. Northeastern Junior College, 779.33; 8. Laramie County Community College, 765; 9. Lamar Community College, 760; 10. University of Wyoming, 713.33; 11. Otero Junior College, 80; 12. Colorado State University, 70.

Men's all-around -- 1. David Hinman, NEJC, 1,405.

Women's all-around -- 1. Kaylee Burnett, CWC, 1,065.

Saddle bronc -- 1. Zeke Thurston, Sheridan, 1,1220.

Bareback -- 1. Zachariah Phillips, Casper College, 1,325.

Bull riding -- 1. Randy Schaapman, Lamar, 430.

Tie-down roping -- 1, Kyle Dickens, CSU, 780.

Steer wrestling -- 1. Riley Krassin, Casper College, 870; 3. Coltin Hill, CWC, 460.

Team roping header -- 1. Derek Weinreis, Eastern, 750.

Team roping heeler -- 1. Levi O' Keefe, Eastern, 750.

Barrel racing -- 1. Kaylee Burnett, CWC, 790.

Breakaway roping -- 1. Coralee Spratt, Gillette, 535.

Goat tying -- 1. Shelby Winchell, Chadron, 1,035; 8. Kaylee Burnett, CWC, 275.

Laramie rodeo results

Men's team standings

1. Eastern Wyoming College, 625; 2. Casper College, 520; 3. Gillette College, 510; 4. Northeastern Junior College, 440; 5. University of Wyoming, 440; 6. Sheridan College, 400; 7. Lamar Community College, 180; 8. Otero Junior College, 160; 9. Chadron State College, 40.

Women's team standings

1. Chadron State College, 370; 2. Gillette College, 340; 3. Northeastern Junior College, 180; 4. Sheridan College, 160; 5. Lamar Community College, 150; 6. University of Wyoming, 100; 7. Central Wyoming College, 70; 8. Laramie County Community College, 60; 9. Otero Junior College, 40.

Men's all-around -- 1. Trey Yates, Eastern, 240.

Women's all-around -- 1. Paxton Segelke, Northeastern. 100.

Saddle bronc riding -- 1. Zeke Thurston, Sheridan, 152.

Bareback riding -- 1. Neil Williams, Casper College, 152.

Bull riding - 1. Drew Antone, Casper College, 144.

Tie-down roping -- 1. James Wolf, NEJC, 23.7.

Steer wrestling -- 1. Riley Krassin, Casper, 10.8.

Team roping heeler -- 1. Kyon Kreutzer, NEJC, 17.1.

Barrel racing -- 1. Taylor Engesser, Gillette, 30.48; 7. Jonnie Crossland, CWC, 35.96.

Breakaway roping -- 1. Brooke Nelson, Chadron, 7.6.

Goat tying -- 1. Shelby Winchell, Chadron, 14.9.

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