My Health Care: No big changes so far under Affordable Care Act

May 9, 2014 From staff reports

So far our experience with the ACA is nothing has changed. We have insurance through our employers and haven't seen any changes or cost increases.

That being said, however, the ACA still holds two very big advantages for us. One is that both my wife and I have pre-existing conditions that might have made it impossible for us to get insurance that would cover those conditions if we ever lost the insurance we have.

Another possible advantage is now that the ACA has been enacted my wife may decide to retire earlier than she planned because keeping her health insurance was a primary factor for her to stay on the job. But now we can get health insurance through the ACA, she may decide to do that and go ahead and retire.


Editor's note: The Ranger invites submissions to "My Health Care" detailing readers' experiences with health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act. No political statements please. We encourage writers to include their names, but for this feature -- and this feature only -- we will consider anonymous submissions.

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