Inhaling the 'dog days' of spring

Apr 20, 2012 By Carolyn B. Tyler

Despite their pleasure at hanging their heads out the open window of a moving car, most dogs don't enjoy other breezes blowing in their faces. My dogs cower if you puff their way.

And they hate to be hit with water. In fact, my means of discipline/training is a spray bottle of water. After a couple of quick sprays, all I have to do anymore is pick up the bottle and their behavior becomes exemplary, even the nine-month-old pup, BonnieBlue.

Therefore, Bonnie's newest fascination is unexplainable -- she has fallen in love with the humidifier.

I keep a cool water humidifier running in the bedroom during the winter months to deal with our naturally extra-dry Wyoming air. Just as it is about time to disengage the humidifier for the season, BonnieBlue had taken to basking in it.

She stands right at the end of the steam spout and lets the cool, wet air cloud across her face. If I were spraying her with the same substance, she'd rightfully consider it punishment.

Because I don't think Bonnie is a masochist (at least I haven't seen her reading "Seven Shades of Grey"), I've tried to figure out her attraction to the active humidifier.

Is she trying a beauty treatment? She does often dig her snout into the mud. Should I be on the lookout for cucumbers on her eyes?

Or is she perhaps relieving herself of the pollen in the air that is currently affecting so many of us?

Are her nasal passages and lungs squeaky clean from the daily dose of cool steam while the rest of us try to sneeze our way clear?

Rita and Samson want no part of it.

Perhaps BonnieBlue is on to something.

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