Columnist shared the fun essence of traveling

May 15, 2014 Barb Rogers, Riverton


l loved Chris Peck's column on his travels in the April 18 Ranger. First, I had to look up the lyrics to "Marrakesh Express" by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

We don't consider ourselves world travelers, but we have been fortunate enough to be able to travel to Mexico on several occasions, and we made a trip to ltaly a few years ago to visit the Sistine Chapel, Venice, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the Coliseum.

l can relate to donkeys intermingling with cars, chickens in cages on a rickety bus, horns honking, people shouting in a language foreign to your ear (but you still get the gist of what they are saying), motorbikes weaving their way through cars and buses in Rome. It can be scary, exciting and awesome all at the same time.

One can't help but glean and learn some of the history of a country that is thousands of years old, not hundreds like the U.S.A. Chris is fortunate to have visited some far away places. He was so right when he wrote "there is something powerful about getting out of your own comfort zone in travel."

For me traveling to places we have not ventured before alerts my whole body and my senses are piqued. What will be around the next corner? What will we see that we have never seen before ?

If you have the desire and opportunity to travel to other countries, or even within these United States, do not let fear hold you back. The language barrier, the strange customs, the unfamiliar country is sometimes daunting but there are ways to travel within your comfort zone.

We traveled to Italy with a tour group. Our guides knew the traffic idiosyncrasies, the language, and the customs. They took care of where we slept, where we ate, what we saw. We traveled with friends, but we also met people from all over the world. We were kindred spirits, out for an adventure, and we experienced a wonderful one.

If you decide to explore New York City or Washington, D.C., as soon as you stand on a street corner with a map, someone will be there to help you. We have never seen such friendly and helpful people.

Like Chris, wherever Jerry and l travel we tend to compare it to Wyoming, but when we arrive back in our beloved state we cannot help but say (as Dorothy did), "There's no place like home."

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