Citizens aim to raise $47,200 for renovation of library room

May 16, 2014 By Eric Blom, Staff Writer

A group of Riverton residents has launched a fundraising campaign to refurbish the community room of the Riverton Branch Library.

The upgrade would install a new audio-visual system along with new carpeting, drapes and chairs.

"The library is the community's and we want people to take ownership of it," Jerry Kintzler said.

Kintzler and three or four other residents are on the fundraising committee, which calls itself the Community Room Project. The group met for the first time Wednesday, and it aims to raise $47,200.

Everything that would be replaced is 30 years old and worn out, Riverton branch manager Gloria Brodle said. The drapes have water stains, the chair seats are breaking down and the carpet is at the end of its life, she said.

But the current audio-visual equipment is the main issue.

The speakers emit a low hum at all times, Brodle said, and the technology is so old users have trouble making it play videos or music.

"We're wanting to upgrade it to a really nice system for music and movie with better Wi-Fi, and a nice projector so when people do meet in the room, they'll have very high quality audio and video," she said.

The Riverton library, including its community rooms, received new energy-efficient light bulbs and fixtures between 10 and 15 years ago, Kintzler said. A grant paid for that upgrade.

The community room hosted 200 events in 2013, involving 3,000 people from government, civic, cultural and library groups, according to the library's statistics. There is no charge for using the room during normal hours, and there is a $25 fee to use it after hours to cover extra maintenance costs.

The Community Room Project is planning events to raise funds, including a Wednesday night concert series in a small outdoor amphitheater at the Riverton Branch Library. The group plans to "pass the hat" at the end of each show, Kintzler said.

People also can donate in person at the library or by mailing in a check and contribution form. The non-profit Fremont County Library Foundation will receive the funds and hold them for the library. Those interested should speak with library staff at 856-3556.

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