Be ready to assist the airline serving Riverton

May 19, 2014 Brad Kellinger, Colorado Springs, Colo.


I do not live in Fremont County, but I come there for business several times every year and for fun at least once a summer.

Having Riverton Regional Airport there is so important. I hope everyone understands that and appreciates it. My wife's family roots are in Kansas, and in their town the airline has quit serving the airport. It just made an announcement one day that it was done.

People in Fremont County should do everything they can to make sure that does not happen at Riverton Regional. From what everyone says, it is a tough time to be in the airline business at smaller airports and towns anymore. The little airlines are going to need some help.

I have seen the news about the task force that is put together to consider air service. To my mind, based on what I have seen in other places, some kind of financial assistance to Great Lakes Airlines, or whoever, probably is going to be needed if we want service to be provided and to be reliable.

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