Hospitals changing names to SageWest Health Care

May 20, 2014 By Kelli Ameling, Staff Writer

Patients at the Lander and Riverton hospitals now will see new names for the facilities when they check in: SageWest Health Care at Lander and SageWest Health Care at Riverton.

CEO Steve Erixon said the name change occurred May 1 roughly 20 months after the two hospitals merged into one license.

The collaboration

The hospitals, formally known as Lander Regional and Riverton Memorial hospitals, are owned by the same parent company, LifePoint Hospitals, Inc.

"There is no ownership change," Erixon said. "(The company) saw an opportunity to collaborate and collectively come together."

Erixon said the hospitals now operate under one board of trustees, one leadership and one staff team. He added that no one lost his or her job in the merger.

He said once the merger was final, the hospitals noticed a couple of employees had duplicated positions, and they were transferred into new roles within the hospital.

Patients, he said, will not notice a major change in operations at the facilities. However, medical records will be shared between Riverton and Lander, making it easier for the patients to obtain their medical information.

Erixon said a patient's first time registering after the merger might take a little longer, because he or she will be entered as a new patient. Staff will then input the patient's previous medical records from Lander and Riverton. This helps to ensure accurate information on the patients is available.

"We are trying to be effective and efficient," Erixon said.

Behind the name

According to Erixon, SageWest Health Care is a name that represents Wyoming's heritage.

After hammering down name options, Erixon said officials picked SageWest because "sage" stands for wisdom and the plant supports Wyoming's wildlife, while "west" represents Wyoming and its roots.

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