FCAG won't merge operations with transportation entity

May 22, 2014 By Kelli Ameling, Staff Writer

The Fremont County Association of Governments has decided not to merge its organization with the Wind River Transportation Authority --an organization managed by FCAG.

FCAG, which consists of county mayors and has representatives from the Fremont County Commission and other organizations, including WRTA, meets monthly in different Fremont County businesses to discuss, and sometimes vote, on local issues involving the county.

During a meeting in Riverton, FCAG director Pamela Canham updated the board on the WRTA transportation manager position vacated by Benjamin Eastmond on May 16.

According to Eastmond, he accepted a job in the Wyoming National Guard and is leaving WRTA.

Eastmond said his position entails three roles, including day-to-day operations, managing public funds and pursuing private funds.

"We have seven applications," Canham said, noting most were qualified for the position.

Commissioner Travis Becker asked since the position was open if it would be more efficient to combine the WRTA office with FCAG's.

"I don't think there is anything wrong with how it's going," Becker said. "I just wanted to start the conversation and see where it went."

Members of FCAG agreed that if the two officers were combined, Canham would need to keep 40 hours and still hire another person.

With the WRTA building being paid off, discussion was started on whether it would save in rent money.

However, it was determined the building would need to expand if the two offices merged into one building.

The board decided to move forward with hiring a WRTA transportation manager.

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