Wyoming Indian graduates walk stage

May 26, 2014 By Alejandra Silva, Staff Writer

Wyoming Indian High School seniors celebrated their long journey at their graduation ceremony May 18. Many of the 27 students had been in the district since pre-kindergarten, said high school principal Phil Garhart, and they finally had reached a new exciting time in their lives.

"Remember everything you faced and all the battles you won," Garhart said. "Remember who you are and where you came from."

He wished them the best and thanked all the teachers and staff who were part of their years at Wyoming Indian. Salutatorian Adrina Duran echoed the comments of Garhart.

"Even though it didn't seem like it, at times we appreciate it," Duran said to the staff.

And to her fellow graduates, she expressed the pride in completing high school and what is in the future for them.

"To wherever life takes you, I hope it brings us happiness and success," she said.

Jasmine McGill said it was a dream of hers to be valedictorian. She also recognized Marisa "Rissy" Chenoa Spoonhunter who was honored at the ceremony. Spoonhunter died in 2010 and would have been a part of the graduating class of 2014. She would have turned 18 in May.

"She's still living in our hearts," McGill said.

The graduating class also wished happy birthday to fellow graduate Jose Gonzalez. The class welcomed speakers Allison Sage Jr., Ivan Posey and Chico Her Many Horses. Sage reminded the seniors of what their achievements meant for future graduates. He said that 42 years ago James Patrick "Pat" Underwood was the first and only senior to graduate from WIHS.

Scholarship recipients were Jacob Hill and Jasmine McGill. Hill thanked staff who he said helped him obtain the scholarship that would help him in furthering his education at Central Wyoming College, and McGill was honored for excelling in academics and participating in three sports.

The class motto was: "The past is my heritage, the present my responsibility, the future my challenge." The turquoise and red trimmed rose was the class flower and colors while the class song was "Wake Me Up" by Avicii.

The graduates were Ryan Antelope, Claire Aragon, Guy Brown, Lyric Chingman, Wilson Clifford, Adrina Duran, Cleone Cecelia Friday, Tristan Gardner, Jose Gonzalez, Ramiro Gonzalez, Jacoby Hereford, Jacob Hill, Brittiany Isis, Teneille Johnston, Wayne Little Whiteman, Shaylee Lone Dog, Jasmine McGill, Kelli Redcap, Colton Stiffarm, Milton Trosper III, Joseph Jerome Underwood, Natasha Underwood, Joan Wesaw, Mario Wesaw, Drew Whiteman, Trevor Williamson and Jesse Young Chief.

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