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Does the county think we voters are made of money?

May 26, 2014 - Linda Croteau, Riverton


I say "hell no" to raises for county workers.

We just had rate and fee hikes, and gas has gone up, and we voters have been denied wages that could offset all the new or added bills we now have to pay, and we are told to live within our means.

So our elected officials will have to do the same. When we voters get a cost of living increase, then maybe, and only maybe, the county officials can get a cost of living pay hike.

You folks just think we voters are made of money. Well, we aren't. So, no fair wage for us, no pay increase for anyone.

To pay for all the fee and rate increases we voters need to make $9.40 per hour, and that is just for a one-person household.

Add it up, folks. Get the feeling we are being sucked dry? I do.

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