Modelers group to have access to ponds east of Riverton

May 27, 2014 By Alejandra Silva, Staff Writer

The Riverton City Council has approved a 10-year lease agreement with the Wyoming Modelers Park Association. The agreement charges the WMPA $10 per year in rent.

In exchange, the group will have access to a portion of the city-owned Rendezvous ponds off of East Monroe Avenue, where WMPA members will operate remote controlled boats as well as remote control aircraft with water-landing capabilities.

A provision in the lease allows the city to terminate the contract 90 days after submitting a written notice to the organization.

Staff and council members

visited the site in March and determined that the city should be able to place restrictions on the property to allow the WMPA to use the area.

Officials noted that the pond includes additional space and water bodies where other residents could recreate without obstructing WMPA activities and events.

The lease will not allow vehicular access, swimming, camping, fishing or alcoholic beverages in the portion of the pond that the WMPA will be using at scheduled times.

Association members also anticipate improvements to the property, and the WMPA will take over liability insurance for the portion of the pond in question.

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