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City suffers from lack of good property maintenance

May 27, 2014 - Don Jones, Riverton


It is true that Riverton is a mess. Alleys are full of Dumpsters without lids, without tree limbs that are cut to fit in the yard waste containers.

Rentals are the worst. Owners won't provide enough Dumpsters, so there is trash all over. Dogs drag it into yards all over town.

When renters move out, mattresses, furniture and trash are left everywhere. Unless property owners haul it to the dump, it lies there for years.

The roadsides are full of whiskey bottles of diapers that never get picked up.

Business owners don't take care of property, either. Entryways into stores are dirty, full of trash, and very unattractive. Grass browns up, and any landscaping is left to die.

Weeds are a problem all over town.

There is no growth here. Young families are leaving town. Kids have nothing to do. Even parks are unusable and unsafe.

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