Big flood-protection effort in Saratoga

May 28, 2014 The Associated Press

CHEYENNE -- Crews continued stacking sandbags to protect the town of Saratoga from the rising flows in the North Platte River on Tuesday as weekend rains on top of heavy mountain snows prompted state officials to monitor sites around the state for possible flooding.

Saratoga Mayor John Zeiger, who also serves as Carbon County's emergency management coordinator, said Tuesday that flows on the North Platte through town appeared to be as high as they were during heavy flooding in 2011.

Information from the National Weather Service showed the river flow at Saratoga rose two feet from Thursday morning to Tuesday morning, bringing the level well into moderate flood stage. The agency predicts that it could creep higher throughout this week, possibly entering major flood stage by the weekend.

Saratoga and the surrounding mountain ranges received heavy rain over the weekend, Zeiger said. That rain fell on top of heavy mountain snows that remain much above average for this time of year.

Saratoga residents are thankful for the work that crews have done so far, Zeiger said.

"We're trying to do the best we can," he said. "You can try to fight mother nature, but it's all up to her what's going to happen."

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