Shoshone leaders reinstated after council revisits decision

May 29, 2014 By Alejandra Silva, Staff Writer

The Eastern Shoshone General Council has repealed the actions that had ousted councilmen Ivan Posey and Wes Martel and attorney general Kimberly Varilek from their jobs.

All three have been reinstated following a council vote May 15.

On April 5, tribal member Wade LeBeau had initiated discussion on the failure of the councilmen to abide by tribal law and resolutions. In April, LeBeau said he followed the guidelines set to bring attention to the issues of corruption and took others to tribal court so they could be addressed.

"That didn't work," LeBeau said. "I've exhausted every means possible with the (Shoshone Business Council) not following the resolutions."

Support for a review of the proceedings began to circulate immediately after the April 5 meeting, Varilek said in an e-mail.

Tribal member Dallas Coando proposed, by petition, May 15 that the general council "rescind all actions taken regarding the April 5, 2014 agenda item #6 'Wade LeBeau: General Council Resolutions.'"

"After the opportunity to speak, and while the floor opened for discussion, the people made an immediate call for the question to rescind all Wade's actions, and it passed by an overwhelming 167-14 vote," Varilek said, adding that the April 5 meeting carried a majority vote of only 38 people.

"Thursday's meeting, despite being held on a weekday, had nearly 200 attendees, many who are elder tribal members."

She said LeBeau criticized the meeting for being held on a weekday. Regular general council meetings typically are held on Saturdays. The first request to hold a meeting on a weekday, however, came from nearly 500 tribal members who initially had asked it be held May 9, Varilek said, but that meeting had to be rescheduled because of a community loss.

On May 19, Posey, Martel and Varilek returned to their positions. Varilek said the administrative hearing officer determined she also was improperly terminated from her position. The election code provision governing the removal of elected officials also was reinstated.

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