My Health Care: Still gambling without insurance coverage

May 29, 2014 From staff reports


Few people may have looked forward to 2014 more than I, for the unrolling of the Affordable Care Act. I had been uninsured since divorce in the 1990s, so have been gambling with no health insurance for more than 15 years. Fortunately I have been in good health. Starting in December, I tried the website several times and was stopped with glitches, and finally finished an application in January.

Because of income, I was not eligible for any subsidy and was told to apply for Wyoming Medicaid. I did that and I do not qualify. The option left to me is to purchase a plan at a cost ranging from $730 to $1,200, which I cannot do.

So I have the nine-page application for the exemption for the shared responsibility tax payment for those who cannot afford to buy a health plan. I was waiting to see if our legislature could manage to pass any of several versions of the Medicaid expansion, to no avail.

I fall in the gap of individuals who don't qualify for any assistance and cannot afford to buy a plan. So I continue to gamble with my health, which is becoming more of an issue with aging concerns, and still some years from retirement age. Very frustrating.


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