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'Bad deal for Riverton' if R Recreation funds cut

May 30, 2014 - Heather Trowell, Riverton


I read in the newspaper of the cut in funding for the services the city is supporting. It will be a bad deal for Riverton if they make cuts in R Recreation.

It is just beyond me how recreation here is so half-hearted. People say everything should be privatized instead of government supported, but I remember that a private company that had been doing a lot of this recreation service offered the city a pretty good deal to take it on permanently, but the city said no to that and started R Recreation.

Well, if you don't want private enterprise to do it, then please support it right. It is not fair to build it up so people start looking forward to it and counting on it and then cut the funding. Is that private company still available? Maybe we should ask them again.

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