Shoshoni's superintendent has new post in District 25

Jun 2, 2014 By Alejandra Silva, Staff Writer

The Fremont County School District 25 Board of Trustees approved new contracts and resignations in May.

The district awarded contracts to the following:

- Tammy Cox, recently the superintendent of schools at Shoshoni, as assistant director for special services and alternative program;

- Claudia Troxel, Riverton High School science teacher;

- Natasha Hatfield-Peck, RHS dance sponsor;

- Jorah Griffith, RHS physical education, Riverton Middle School health and Jackson Elementary physical education teacher;

- Sean Baker, RHS Alternative School social studies teacher;

- and Shaundi Gopp, RHS language arts teacher.

Resignations accepted by the board were from:

- Margaret Murray, assistant speech and debate coach;

- Erly Cornejo, head boys soccer coach;

- Zach Even, Aspen Park art teacher;

- Zendra Wright, Ashgrove first-grade teacher;

- RHS para professional Amanda Paniaqua;

- Jane Stanbury, RHS paraprofessional;

- Maricela L. Stamstad CAN room assistant; bus drivers John Wilson and Wanda Wilson.

Retiring from the district are:

- Cary Leadbetter, bus driver;

- Rachel Liss, Sue Cessna, Jackson speech-language pathologists;

- Theresa Cunningham, Rendezvous school paraprofessional;

- Pat LeMasters, Rendezvous Elementary music teacher;

- Valery Campbell, RHS language arts teacher.

Out-of-state travel request was approved for the RHS Women's soccer team to travel to Orem, Utah in June; Key Club to travel to Anaheim, Calif., to attend Key Club International; RHS football team to travel to Spearfish, S.D., for the Black Hills State football camp; and the speech and debate team to go to Kansas City, Mo., for the national tournament in June.

Early graduation requests were approved for Chrissey Brackett, Matthew Harrington, and McKenzie Monroe at the end of the first semester if the 2014-2015 school year, and Amy Lawson and Janis Lawson after the 2014-2015 fall semester.

The board also approved a half-time counselor position at Riverton Middle School.

Information items

Students from the RHS Alternative program won the Al the Can National Recycling Program contest. Students from the environmental science class reached out to additional students to help collect over 6,000 pounds of recyclables. Over 1,000 schools competed this year. An elementary school in Cody had won the first place award last year and this year, they sent congratulatory cards to students from the RHS alternative program. Dallas Myers, special services and alternative school director, said monetary awards of $1,000 and $5,000 to be received on June 10 will go towards purchasing recycling bins for the city.

Ashgrove Elementary school students donated $80.28 to the Children Against Mine Problems canine ambassador.

St. Margaret's Catholic School inquired whether School District 25 could provide St. Margaret's with food service through a subcontract with a "catering agreement," said business manager Mike Collins. Federal regulations were posing a problem for the school to contract its own food service, Collins said, but the state informed the district a subcontract was permissible.

Last year, the district entered into a five-year food service contract with Chartwells.

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